Data Prep & Enrichment redefined

Unifyd changes how Analysts, Data scientists and Engineers individually source, schedule, normalize, cleanse, match data for data enrichment.


Unifyd is a context aware system that uses machine learning and natural language processing to normalize and connect your datasets.  More importantly Unifyd maps to external party datasets via a centralized graph that connects all participants to perform a marketplace function.


Sourcing data for enrichment is done in a zero code environment where internal data experts collaborate with technical staff to publish insights in minutes or hours not weeks or months.


BlueLeaf finds perfect data for Fintech

John Prendergast, Founder & CEO

Unifyd Insights delivers on it’s name. They are re-inventing the way companies acquire and enrich their data. The time-to-value to high quality insights from our unstructured data blew me away.

Unifyd Data Enrichment

Prep Data

Connect to unlimited datasources, cleanse, organize and blend data. Polish multiple data sources into one perfect catalog to start you data publishing journey.


Build your Team. Invite your internal expert's and assign data prep or AI training set labeling. Connect to crowdsourcing to augment your staff.


Enrich your data from external data markets both Free and Paid. Without code, connect to any possible Machine Learning, AI or NLP process to add instant insights.


With no code, Unifyd updates your data when new records are added. All Data Prep, Blending & Enrichments made are automatically applied.


Publish your insights using our visualization, APIs or simply export to any system. Maintain your project easily with data quality tools and alerts.

E-Commerce & Product Data Solutions

Channel Sales

Sitting on piles of partner, reseller or retailer sales data?  Unify all your data into one repository for high quality insights.


Unifyd uses machine learning (ML) to master and natural language processing (NLP) to create the highest quality data you can rely on.


We can quickly prep data & build data dictionaries to translate channel partner data into your view of the world.

Custom Segmentation

Need to segment your data?  Unifyd can make your data definable, accessible, actionable and help provide profitable insights across your various data sources.


Unifyd products are purpose built to handle unstructured, messy data.  Our ability to create segmentation across your data is enhanced by our superior data quality and machine learning.

Sentiment Analysis

Looking for consumer sentiment on your products?  From online product reviews to e-mail and chat, Unifyd can digest content and return actionable information.


Typical sentiment returns a general feeling regarding an entire communication or review.  Unifyd returns all attributes belonging to sentiment like ‘mouse wheel’ or ‘display quality’.  Our NLP & Data Dictionaries allow you to custom model translations to each product’s attributes.

Product Data Mastering

Mastering is essential to generating insights in any company with silos of data.  Unifyd leverages machine learning and extensive data prep capabilities to master multiple datasets.


Unlike expensive enterprise options, our natural language capabilities uniquely solve the data quality issue that prevent most systems from achieving high rates of matching predictions.  We can easily achieve 98%-99% of match accuracy on the most stubborn, complex data.  We do this usually with several hours of training vs. low 90’s of many other systems and days of training.

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