Services to fit every need & budget.
Looking to get your project done easy, quick or custom. Unifyd Services can handle everything from custom machine learning models, coding and obtaining 3rd party datasets.
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Data Visualization Services

We can utilize existing dashboards or build entirely new ones to suit your needs.  Minor customizations are easy and inexpensive when leveraging our exiting portfolio.  Our experienced analysts can deliver your data in its final stage, ready for   hosted or automated delivery to anyone you designate.

3rd Party Data Acquisition

If you’ve got an end in mind for your insights needs, Unifyd can help with the rest.  Data Sourcing can involve wading through dozens of providers with little knowledge on the exam deliverable, reliability, uptime and flexibility with future requirements changes.  We have decades of expense in obtaining 3rd party data and managing for reliability and scale.

Managed Services

Looking for a hands-off solution?  Hand it off to Unifyd.  We can run your solutions soup to nuts with SLA’s in place to guarantee results.  All the way form data acquisition to beautiful reports and power insights, we’ll power your solution in records time and reliability.

Application Hosting

Need the security of On-Premise but don’t need the hassle?  Unifyd will host the neccesary applications for you so you can get to the business of managing your data assets.