Insights made easy

Unifyd Graph

The uniqueness of Unifyd is its approach to connecting your data for unparalleled enrichment.


With Unifyd you can gather insights from your data’s connections to everyone else.


Whether its connecting internal dataset or even sourcing external data to enrich your own.

Unifyd Data Prep

Unifyd makes working with messy, unstructured data effortless.


Unifyd takes data wrangling to a new level by covering every conceivable step while offering the scale that comes with our open source technologies.


Looking to enrich your data? Unifyd also uniquely matches data to any external data source including its Graphs.


Unifyd Collaborate

Everyone has heard of crowd sourcing but what about expert sourcing?


When you are dealing with varied, complex datasets, data quality is paramount.  But the only people able to lend the right expertise are your non-technical staff. these people are the only experts in the context and quality of the data you are working with.


Unifyd harnesses the power of the ‘silent majority’ in companies by co-opting them into analytics projects to deliver, continous, high quietly data.

Unifyd Catalog

At the center of analytics is data unification.  Centralizing your datasets into a single source of truth is the most crucial step before extracting value.


Automating this step is also the hardest operation to execute.  Unifyd makes cataloging of messy, disparate data easier to perform.  Our Machine Learning leverages your internal experts and quickly automates the unification and cleanup.


After data is imported, cleaned, organized, structured and blended – Unifyd places all unified data into standardized catalogs.  At this point your data quality is set for visualization, AI projects or any use of the data you desire.