About Us

Passionate About Data Quality

Join the team changing the world of Data Enrichment.

At Unifyd we are making insights easy by connecting everyone.


By making data enrichment easy and cleaning effortless, Unifyd gets customers to the finish line in record time.


Everyday, mission number one is to create awesome time-to-value for customers.  insights are created in minutes or hours not days or weeks.


Unifyd delivers access to tools and data to re-invent the way people work with complex, messy data.  We have decades of experience in NLP, AI, Big Data & Databasing, Web Scraping and Integration.  However, we tend to ignore the way we’ve done things before.  Instead we are constantly striving to find smart, alternative approaches to change them.  If we can’t beat the old ways of generating insights we aren’t doing our jobs.

Team Work & Company Culture

Welcome to Unifyd!  Where you get three free meals and an on-site barista…just joking.


We start with people who are genuinely nice people to hang out with.  Make sure they are super smart and motivated to twist data like a pretzel.  Lastly, we have a no jerk policy…zero tolerance.  No one likes coming to a company with a difficult person or boss.


When you focus on the right people, suddenly it’s possible to attack that big idea, crush extremely hard problems, and excite your customer base.


Our philosophy in a nutshell is “People, Product, Profit”.  Great companies are created in that order.

Data Enrichment

So there needs to be a word that succinctly describes what you do and why you do it.  With all the things we do, they all lead to one place. Data Enrichment.


We make it possible to see things with data that were previously impossible to see.  Unification of data across an organization or connecting to 3rd party data, is a key issue in every company because everyone needs to answer questions.


The hardest questions are generally the ones that are sitting locked away inside your four walls or outside the company in unknown or unreachable datasets. Our mission to to shorten the path to knowledge for everyone by enabling them to publish enriched insights from very messy data.


This will lead to our ultimate vision of a Data Marketplace.